Adavu’s 10 year anniversary

Adavu is 10 years old!

We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary by bringing together past and present clients, staff, volunteers, Management Committee members and partners. It was so lovely to hear clients share the story of their journey with us and for us all to celebrate Adavu’s achievements and impact on helping survivors rebuild their lives.

What shone through very strongly were the following comments:

  1. Adavu offers a unique response to supporting survivors of modern slavery. We go beyond the strictly ‘transactional’ process of applying for benefits, registering for college and helping to navigate the asylum system and legal representation, to working hard on the emotional support and relational approach – all within strong professional boundaries.
  2. Survivors of modern slavery show exceptional strength and resilience and it is a privilege to journey alongside them during difficult and traumatic times
  3. Collaborative working is key to achieving the best for our clients, and we love our partnerships!  We can do so much more together as we use each other’s expertise and knowledge to support survivors.
  4. Empowering clients is a vital goal in our work – our aim is that they are confident, skilled and empowered enough to move forwards into a fully independent and fulfilled life in their local community

Yet we also acknowledge the deep pain and trauma that modern slavery creates and we are here to assist. In the words of two clients, Adavu is a “lifesaver” and brings “solace to my hurting soul”. We bring hope – and that is something quite special that we celebrate.