Heading towards a new normal?

The Coronavirus pandemic is still here and affecting the lives of Adavu’s clients, staff and volunteers. We are still working remotely, still carrying out weekly wellbeing checks and advocating for clients to access health and other services, still supporting them as they navigate the choppy waters of spiralling mental health and change.

However, we are also slowly creeping into a time of change and transition into a phase that our partner agencies are increasing calling, “the new normal”. Various forums that I have taken part in this week are all discussing how victim support  and other services will change as we transition from crisis to a new way of life characterised by PPE, face masks on public transport, social distancing and remote help.

Indeed, here at Adavu we are busy carrying out new risk assessments for a slow return to our offices, responses to changes in referral patterns and rates, and onward referrals for clients.  Exactly what this new normal will look like is yet to be fully understood but what remains is our commitment to supporting clients as they work to rebuild their lives to ones of freedom, dignity and fulfilment.