The Many-tentacled Monster of Modern Slavery

Over the past couple of months, Adavu has experienced a significant number of serious safeguarding issues and challenges in supporting our clients.  All this takes much time, energy, professionalism and expert advice – and plenty of determination to keep raising and actioning concerns.

We have now supported our clients into much more stable situations but the fact remains that modern slavery exists and has far-reaching consequences over time and space for victims and their loved ones.

This week, we were part of the 10-year anniversary of the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, celebrating its origins from within the Methodist Church and how it gave rise to the Adavu Project.

One of the key founding people involved spoke yesterday, describing the story of this network and the ‘Many-tentacled monster’ of modern slavery, which is invisible yet leaves indelible footprints wherever it goes.  I believe in the truth of this statement and we see this first-hand as we walk alongside those who have been its victims.

However, there is also hope. We can counter this by creating our own web to mirror the monster, creating and spreading tentacles of hope, support and shining light into the blackness of modern slavery.

The fight continues…