The new digital age

We are in the throes of Lockdown 2.0 and now more than ever, we are understanding just how vital access to digital devices and connectivity is to survivors of modern slavery as they rebuild their lives. Even the most basic of tasks such as claiming benefits, accessing bank accounts and going to college all now require remote access via the internet. Zoom, Teams and social media.

Without access to a smart device and digital connectivity our clients are unable to log in to their Universal Credit accounts, attend college, maintain contact with friendship and support groups, and access health services and advice.

Without access, they are at a significant disadvantage. Yet many of our clients live in shared accommodation with no Wifi access and are unable to access libraries.

So we were thrilled that we were awarded some funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the Lloyds Foundation in the summer to be able to provide both smart devices and connectivity to those Adavu clients most in need.

And we are particularly thrilled last week when SmartLyte (helping diverse communities engage in accredited training programmes and to develop essential life skills) generously distributed a number of additional devices and data to some clients.

This makes all the difference in the journey towards rebuilding a life of freedom, hope and dignity.

…Small steps transforming lives…