About us

Modern Slavery is a complex, global crime. It impacts every aspect of a victim’s life; not just their physical freedom.  The survivors we support face financial, legal and emotional challenges alongside recovery from the physical effects of being exploited.

Freedom from slavery is just one of many steps a survivor needs to take on their journey to a new life.

Adult survivors of human trafficking are particularly vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, or re-exploitation. As well as needing practical and financial resources, they often lack supportive relationships and the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to be able to take the steps they need to access help.

This is where Adavu’s Aftercare support service steps in.

Our Vision:

  1. Working in partnership with other organisations and agencies, which is crucial to achieving our aims and will make our work even more effective.
  2. Individuals empowered to learn and achieve new ways of rebuilding their lives post-exploitation.
  3. Influencing, advocating and modelling best practice, in order to drive systemic change in tackling modern slavery and providing survivor support.