Our Values

The name of the Project, Adavu, is the word for a basic dance step in a form of traditional Indian dance. Each step is learned individually, before being combined into a beautiful and expressive dance; a dance made even more powerful when others join in.

Adavu’s strapline is ‘Small Steps, Transforming Lives’.  Many people find the issue of modern slavery overwhelming; the name Adavu is a reminder that whether we are victims, survivors, practitioners or community members, modern slavery is a deeply complex issue which can only be tackled one step at a time; and in collaboration.

In this light, the values of the Adavu Project, in line with the Birmingham Methodist District, are to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice.  The following values also underpin our work:

  • Working in partnership with other organisations and agencies is crucial to achieving our aims and will make our work even more effective
  • Individuals can be empowered to learn and achieve new ways of rebuilding their lives post-exploitation
  • Systems and structures which prevent response can be changed through careful partnership engagement