Anti-Slavery Day 2022

Today is Anti-trafficking day! Please stand with us at Adavu to say no to the crime of modern slavery and to join with in supporting survivors rebuild their lives. There are too many victims and it must end.

Adavu, set up in 2011 by the Birmingham Methodist District, and now its own independent CIO, has marked a lot of developments in the field of anti-trafficking over the past decade.  The Modern Slavery Act (2015) and its later review really helped raise awareness of this crime, ensure statutory authorities worked to tackle this and put in place a framework of support for survivors.

However, there is much more to do.  There has been so much change and turmoil in both policy and global circumstances that we are fearful that all the pioneering, hard work in the UK that went into raising the profile of this crime, and concrete actions to tackle it, is being eroded.

Modern slavery has increased by 10 million in the last five years globally.

To name but a few factors that are increasing the risk and extent of modern slavery:

  • The war in Ukraine, ongoing civil wars and environmental catastrophes in other countries
  • The reclassification of modern slavery as an illegal immigration issue in the UK
  • Nationality and Borders Bill with negative consequences on victims

It is genuinely scary to witness the work that helped the UK shine as a beacon of good practice in the work is now increasingly at risk and more and more people become victims and survivors.

Please support us in our fight.