Acknowledgement of Adavu’s contribution to tackling modern slavery

The Birmingham Methodist District’s Adavu Project has worked tirelessly in the field of tackling modern slavery for almost 10 years, offering specialist one-to-one care to survivors in their long-term recovery as well as contributing to the discussion of their needs and awareness raising with the public and professionals.  Over this period we have amassed a substantial amount of first-hand experience, knowledge and skill in this field. Although we remain a small project (2 Support Caseworkers and 1 Project Manager), we have nonetheless supported 100 survivors and made a significant difference as they rebuild their lives.

So it was heartening for Adavu to be acknowledged in a recent article by Matrix Chambers as being one of 14 “expert bodies” that have contributed to research arguing for the needs of survivors.  The article link is below, that outlines a recent ruling to not time-limit support to survivors within the NRM:

Government concedes judicial review and promises wholesale reform to its system for providing support to victims of trafficking

We bring a unique, first-hand experience of the needs of supporting survivors of modern slavery and look forward to continue to contributing to the growing body of knowledge, skill and awareness in this field.