I write this as we are in the grip of an unprecedented period of uncertainty and fear as the Coronavirus is taking hold of our daily lives on so many levels.  Here at Adavu we are now offering support remotely over the phone and online.  Many of our clients’ appointments have been cancelled or are now being carried out remotely too so our whole way of working is shifting as we respond to government restrictions and sensible public health precautions.

But our approach of supporting survivors has always been relational and practical and this will not cease.  We are keeping in regular contact with our clients and delivering food and toiletry parcels where needed, offering encouragement and reassurance and advocacy in unsettling times.

Many of our clients have underlying health conditions, some are elderly and most have significant mental health issues so we are keeping a close eye on those who are most vulnerable.

However, we also have hope. Our clients are true survivors and we continue to assist them as we together develop our resilience further.