The messiness of life

Rebuilding lives after exploitation is tough and there are many ups and downs, with lots of messy and painful places in between.

This past few weeks we have had a number of Adavu clients receive refugee status, and this has been cause for great celebration. We are now walking alongside them as they seek accommodation, apply for benefits, establish their children in schools and secure tenancies. The hard work continues – just in a different direction.

And then there are our clients who have recently been refused asylum. All we can do, as they are supported by their legal representative to agreed a way forward, is to support them emotionally in this terrifying situation that feels devoid of hope.

We have also learnt of a number of clients who are expecting babies – congratulations! – but for some, this can be bitter-sweet as we hear of relationships that have broken down and have caused immense sadness and a sense of loss.

Some clients have found jobs, many others are returning to college for English, Maths and other subjects, in this new academic year.

Lots to celebrate amidst the messiness and pain of life. We remain steadfast in our mission to support survivors to rebuild lives of hope, dignity and fulfillment.

I will sign off with this quote from a client this week, “You are the only person that listened to me and asked what I want. You are human. Other people just did for me and didn’t explain”.